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Collection: Long Island Native American portraits - historic

These originals were oil on Masonite panel approx. 4’x4’ in size and depict historical scenes of the Long Island Native American peoples of recent historical times.

Wyandanch - Montauk Sachem, Ca. 17th Century
Quashawam - Ca. 17th Century - Daughter of Wyandanch
Mocomanto - Shinnecock Sachem - Ca. 1640
Mandush - Shinnecock Sachem - CA, 1640
Manatacut - Shinnecock Sachem - CA, 1640
Sylvestor Pharaoh, Montauk Tribal Leader
Steven Talkhouse Pharoah - Montuak Leader, Ca. 19th Century
David Pharaoh - Montauk Leader, Ca. 19th Century
The Shaman
Shinnecock Woman of the 17th Century
Northern Plains Woman

All giclee prints come with certificates of authenticity.

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