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Collection: Landscapes/Figurative

These landscapes were done of places from the east end of Long Island primarily. The originals were done in oil on canvas.

Bobís Fish House
Bobís Beach House
Capture Ll
Jungle Road
Capture Pp
Bobís Fish House-interior
Reading Room
New York Botanical Gardens Greenhouse
Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, Southampton, New York
Shinnecock Golf Club Second Version For Ray Tureski
Western Art Texas cattle ranch
Western Art, vaqueros
Western Art Apache wars vaquero
Western art wrangler
Western art, Jessie
Apache wars, gouache on board
Apache wars, gouache on board
20200501 194654
Waukus and Daughter, oil on canvas
Lamp to the Future, oil on canvas
Sag Harbor
Apache warriors, vaquero, oil on canvas - not availabe as giclee
Apache wars, horseback, gouache on paper
Apache women warriors, gouache on paper
Apache warriors, gouache on paper
Apache warriors, lance attack on horseback
Cowboy wrangler, oil on canvas, not available as giclee
Horseback, acrylic on canvas
Apache warriors, oil on canvas
Spanish guitar, gouache on illustration board
Sag Harbor dock, oil on acrylic on canvas, not available as giclee
Shinnecock Indian Man - 18th Century
Shinnecock Indian Man - Ca. 18th Century #2
Late Afternoon Rest
Shinnecock Ceremony CA - 1750
Morning Prayer At Shinnecock
Shinnecock Potedaup (Whale) Ceremony - 17th Century
Waukus, the Shinnecock Flute Player And Daughter
Powdawe -Shinnecock Whale Hunt of the 17 Century
A Rose Harvest
Shinnecock Legacy of the Sea
Shinnecock Homecoming
Sag Harbor, N.Y. #1
Sag Harbor, N.Y. #2
Sag Harbor, N.Y. #3
Southampton, New York
Old Fishing Shack - Southampton, N.Y.
Beach Cedars - Southampton, N.Y.
Coopers Beach - Southampton N.Y.
Turbulent Seas
The Boat House
Doing Laundry
Old Blue Boat
Twilight Mood

All giclee prints come with certificates of authenticity.

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