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  » Dec 01, 2023  

David Bunn Martine Art

Commissions accepted for oil or acrylic paintings and murals. 

Any subject matter with specialties in:

  • Portraits
  • Landscapes
  • Houses
  • Still Life
  • Animals
  • Vehicles
  • Native American (American Indian) subject matter
  • Murals

Call for an estimate!



David Bunn Martine (Chiricahua Apache/Shinnecock-Montauk, Hungarian) is an artist
with diverse artistic interests. 

Samples of previous commissions are located in the "commissioned
portrait" gallery. 
In addition to his Native American series, science fiction series,
spiritual series, and landscapes, 
custom portrait work and murals are a  specialty. "I have built a career painting murals in New York and Long Island for museums and public buildings in addition to portraits and different varieties of subject matter." Prices vary according to subject matter, size and location.  My realism utilizes a high degree of detail on a large scale, many with the human figure in landcape on a large scale, also utilizing collage effects and landscape. Located
below is the artists agreement for ordering 
a custom portrait
commission. Please call for more information.
attended the Robert
Rauschenberg Residency in
Fl. 3-4, 2015,
where he completed 
three large



In addition to easel painting, I have built a career painting murals here on Long Island in museums and public buildings. Clients include the Shinnecock Nation Cultural Center and Museum, The Southampton African American Museum, the Friends Service Committee Headquarters, and the Hoyt Farm Park Museum. My style is realism on a large scale sometimes utilizing landscape as a defining feature and sometimes collage effects of human figures and portraits.

In my easel painting I have done varying subject matter: sailing ships, trains, cowboys and horses, animals, houses, landscapes, still life, and airplanes.

I also special in Native American Indian historical scenes of generic scenes including cultural details of material cultural and traditional objects, depicting time periods of the ancient past as well as the recent past. I vary my style according to the needs of the client.

I usually paint in oil or acrylic on canvas or panel. I also usually paint at my studio rather than at the specific location so that the competed work can be mounted so as to be removable from the wall if necessary. Prices vary according to specific size and subject matter.

All giclee prints come with certificates of authenticity.

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